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Robert C. Kopple
Robert C. KopplePartner
Robert C. Kopple co-founded the firm Kopple and Klinger in 1992, but has been specializing in estate planning, taxation, and business law…[more]
Leslie S. Klinger
Leslie S. KlingerPartner
Leslie S. Klinger has devoted his legal career to the practices of estate planning, taxation and business Law. As co-founder of Kopple and Klinger…[more]
David J. Elbaz
David J. ElbazPartner
David J. Elbaz joined Kopple & Klinger in 2001 and was admitted as a partner in the firm in 2008. David’s practice centers on developing integrated estate…[more]
Richard P. Ayles
Richard P. AylesOf Counsel
Richard P. Ayles practices in the fields of business, real estate and finance law, where he counsels clients in a wide range of business…[more]
Ryan D. Nowicki
Ryan D. NowickiPartner
Ryan D. Nowicki is an experienced business and tax attorney whose practice focuses on domestic and international tax planning, tax controversies…[more]
Stacey Davy
Stacey DavyPartner
Stacey Davy specializes in drafting and implementing sophisticated estate planning strategies for her clients to maximize the preservation of…[more]
Jessica L. Sibony
Jessica L. SibonyAssociate
Jessica L. Sibony joined Kopple & Klinger as an associate in August 2015. Her practice focuses on Estate Planning, and trust administration…[more]