We regularly advise trustees, executors, beneficiaries and heirs in all facets of estate and trust administration, working closely with trusted financial advisors, accountants, business managers, appraisers and other experts to minimize the income and estate tax liability of the estate (in the short term) and maximize the potential for tax-free growth of assets for beneficiaries (in the long term).

For many families, navigating the legal responsibilities of an estate administration after the loss of a loved one can be daunting, even with a well-drafted and properly funded Living Trust. The successor trustee will face numerous, often time-sensitive, decisions with potentially far-reaching tax consequences. We provide expertise and guidance on issues including valuation of estate assets, allocation of assets among beneficiaries or trusts for their benefit, tax analysis and preparation of estate tax returns.

We regularly advise trustees in connection with the ongoing administration of complex trusts, as well as beneficiaries seeking counsel and clarification of their rights under trust instruments. We believe good counsel in administration matters can be instrumental in helping families avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation.

When a person dies without a Will or Living Trust, their estate must often be distributed through a court-supervised probate administration. We are experienced in the many procedural nuances and technicalities of the Probate Court and regularly assist clients with the preparation and filing of court documents, location and notification of heirs, preparation of an accurate inventory and accounting of probate assets, and distribution of assets under Probate Court supervision.